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This Crown isn’t Big Enough for the Both of Us

Travelers to Spain’s Costa del Sol will enjoy some of Europe’s finest beaches. Like most beach-goers, these visitors might fancy a cold refreshing beer to slake their thirst on a hot summer afternoon while enjoying golden sands and refreshing blue water. Just don’t ask for a Corona.

Why not? Given Corona’s near monopoly of the beach brand in its advertising, it seems only fitting - we might even feel it a duty - to reach for the classic blue and white with a squeeze of lime. In Spain, however, you won’t find these refreshing delights under the Corona brand name. Rather, due to a trademark held by the Spanish Royal Family on the title “Corona” (Crown), the popular brewer has had to brand its beverage under the “Coronita” (Little Crown) name. Despite the slight change in brand name, the distinctive bottle and Corona culture remains unchanged in one of the world’s top 25 beer markets where beer consumption stands at ~70 liters/capita/year.

Next time, ask for a Coronita.

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