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Stockholm, The Capital of __________

  1. Fashion: Sloanies visit two of Sweden’s most successful and upstart fashion houses, H&M and Acne Studios
  2. Style: Acne Studios displays its latest styles in their Old Town showroom
  3. Art: Andy Warhol creates iconic artwork for an iconic Swedish brand
  4. Culture: Old Town in Stockholm has been a seat of commerce and trade since the 13th century
  5. Science: the eponymous Nobel Prize, after the famed Stockholm Native, is handed out each year for contributions to the advancement of arts, sciences, and humanity
  6. Tradition: a Constitutional Monarchy, the Royal Place of the Sveriges Kungahus is home to Sweden’s royal family, once rulers of the three crowns - Sweden, Norway, Scania
  7. Cool: the trendy Nespresso shop in downtown Stockholm showcases its wares in bright colors and offers visitors a unique brand experience

The statement is indeed bold, but Stockholm has surely earned the title “Capital of Scandinavia” by personifying the heart of what that appellation means: being all at once modern, traditional, courageous, and unique. In short, being quintessentially Stockholm

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